The world's first RPA technology focused on actionable intelligence

Maxatta offer a front to back technology to support the construction of actionable intelligence. The Maxatta framework means you can construct enterprise grade analytics and have it distributed into your organisation globally within days**(white paper and demo video).

Recognised as a first in class product from inception Maxatta increase business productivity and stabilize bottom line costs through automation and insights.

Learn more about how Maxatta can offer a metric based approach to bottom and top line optimisation.

Front Office Financial Markets - A Front to Back RPA Market

The assimilation of data into actionable intelligence is a core function and service at the core purpose of financial markets. DeskOS addresses this need through a dedicated RPA solution that brings together heterogeneous and unstructured data into aligned clean information transferred into Advanced Data Points. The most powerful software created for systematic intelligence construction and application.

DeskOS RPA Engine

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We work with both buy and sell side organisations. Please submit your details below and Maxatta sales will be in touch to discuss our use cases, demos and automation RoI.

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Maxatta is now engaged on both Enterprise and SaaS business models. We are offering SSaaS and Actionable Intelligence Enterprise Deployments.

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About Us

We are a team of former hedge fund managers, traders, technologists and academics based in London. Our mission is to create actionable intelligence for decision makers across front office using RPA..

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